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5 best secrets to good night sleep

We all know how important is a good night sleep. A survey byNational Sleep Foundation found that about 40 million Americans suffer from sleep disorders.

  1. Ventilation – If your bedroom has been closed all day because you have been at work, it has higher level of carbon dioxide (according to new study Indoor Air). When you get back home from your office, open your bedroom window a little to get some air circulation going in your bedroom. Even better if you can sleep with the window just a little open.
  2. A Warm Bath – The effects of hot shower in facilitating the sleep have been proven.When we sleep our body temperature drops. Same with hot shower. After a hot shower your body temperature starts decreasing and it fits well into the rhythm of sleep.  If it is not working for you, try having bath at least 1 and half hour before you go to bed so that your body has time to get into rhythm of falling temperature.
  3. Good Dinner –  Couple of hours before bed, have a good nutrition filled dinner. Don’t overeat but also don’t under eat. Eat enough , so that you don’t feel hungry later. Include some kind of lean meat like chicken, extra-lean meat or fish (they are rich in amino acid called tryptophan) and few vegetables.  Avoid spicy food and gas forming foods for dinner because they might give you acidity , heart burn and abdominal discomfort. If you have been wise about your potions, then you can still and should eat some small carbs for dinner like potato mash.  It releases chemical called serotonin, which aids in sleeping.
  4. Meditation – No we are not talking about sitting at sleep time for hour and try to mediate.  The point here is make an active effort to discard all thoughts that come to your mind when you close your eyes and try to sleep. You will get some thoughts , but just try discard the though, saying you will think about it tomorrow. Before you know it, you will be asleep.
  5. Warm Non Alcoholic Drink – For some people warm beverage can do wonders.   This is more like a try and error thing. Some people feel active after coffee or tea and there are few people who feel sleepy after consuming caffeine. A small warm glass of milk will produce serotonin that helps in sleeping.

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