7 Cheap and Easy Ways to Keep Your House Warm This Winter

7 Cheap and Easy Ways to Keep Your House Warm This Winter

Are you looking to reduce your heating bill without a big investment? You’re in luck because we have put together a list of 7 cheap and easy ways to keep your house warm in winter.

Some of these options add heat to your home, reduce heat loss, or keep the heat where you need it. Here are some effective strategies for keeping your homes warm.

1. Close All the Rooms You are Not Using

According to Heating oil company Petro, closing doors to create a “pocket of heat” in 1 room, or to lessen the amount of space in your home to heat, allowing warmer air to stay in the rooms you are using.

Is there a room in your home that is always colder than the rest, no matter what? Then, if you are not using that room, make sure you shut it off, so it does not absorb valuable heat from the rest of the house.

Also, make sure to turn off any radiators in there, in order to make sure you do not waste energy.

2. Put Foil Behind the Radiator

Here’s how you can keep your house warm with some easy foil insulation:

1. Cover a thin sheet of card using tinfoil.
2. Then place it behind your radiators. If you are feeling a little crafty, you can make it T-shaped so it sits on your radiator brackets. Doing this will reflect the heat back into your rooms, which means they warm up faster and retain more heat. If DIY is not your thing, you buy a ready made foil insulation.

3. Roll Out a Rug

Yes wooden floors look lovely, but they can also let heat escape right under your feet. Placing a warm rug covers up the gaps, and ensures your toes stay toasty.

4. Candles as a Room Heater

You can read all about candle-powered room heater here. This is a good source of emergency heat for people who are living in small, rented homes. This is a useful reminder that we can meet our basic needs with a little creativity, ingenuity and some simple materials.

5. Use the Curtains

Heat that is coming from the sun is free, therefore, make the most of it. Open your curtains, then let the sunlight in during the day to make use of this free heat.

When it gets dark, close your curtains, this act as another layer of insulation and keep your rooms warm. Also, you should make sure you do not have any gaps or leaks, so that the warm air can stay in, and the cold air stays out. This will help to reduce condensation.

6. Use the Oven

Once your dinner comes out of the oven, you all close the door again. But why waste that heat?

You can leave the oven door open, then let the heat transfer slowly into your kitchen. This will help keep your house warm while you eat.

7. Use Creativity in Your Insulation

You can use any spare foam pipe lagging as a door draught excluder, or you can just cut a section to fit the bottom of your door, and then slide it on to form a tight seal against the floor. Also, you could use spray foam insulation to fill any gaps and cracks in your walls or at the back of cupboards. Make sure to check the can for all safety precautions.

But, if you want to take it up a level, call the professionals in to install loft insulation, and prevent all that warmth from escaping through the roof.

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5 Ways To Profit From Your Daily Commute in 2018

5 Ways To Profit From Your Daily Commute in 2018

There those lucky people who have daily commute less than 30 minutes to workplace. For the most of us the daily commute chews up 2 to 3 hours of our unpaid time. The first solution that comes to the mind is change the job to a nearer to home but this is not easy as said. Most of work is concentrated in the downtown which acts like a sea to which all rivers flows. There is always plenty of fish in the sea but not rivers. Second solution is bring your home closer to office. If that works for you, Great! but most of us will not be living that far in first place if we had million dollar to shell on a decent size family place near downtown/workplace.

There is a saying that if you cannot beat them ,join them.

The enemy is this context is your commute time. So how do you make turn the disadvantage of time wasted in commute to an advantage. Here is how ?

Do some office work

Most of us have an tablet or a laptop or at least smart phone to access internet and make notes. These days OneNote and Microsoft office is available of all the devices. Provided that you have got a seat, you can do office related work to impress your boss or to finish little early today at office.

Catch up shows

Do you have a busy lifestyle like me and do not get time to watch or complete watching your favourite show on television. Well, now is your time to catch up on that show using your smart device of choice. These days most of tv shows are available either live or as a recording just after the TV broadcast. Invest in a decent headphones (Bluetooth and/or wired) and carry your tv entertainment with you on the commute. Before you know it , you will reach your last station and you will wish that your commute was a little bit longer so you can finish the episode. After all time flies fast when we are having fun.

Get Smart

No, are not talking about Get Smart. We all wish to be smarter everyday. There is no time left in your busy schedule to read good books or listen to talks of people (TED) that know more than you. Well, now you can use the commute time to read books or books or listen to podcasts or watch videos. You will surely more than what you have known before start of commute.

Have a Nap

The commutes longer than 20 minutes are great for having a nap. I do not need to dwell into how beneficial for your body a nap is. You will definitely feel refreshed after your commute finishes , ready to play with your kids or do house chores or get on quick on that office task for last evening. Use your smart phone to put a countdown timer (on vibration mode) so you can wake up just in time to get off at your destination.

Get Organised

Have a look through your emails and notifications and create a today’s to do list during morning commute and update that todo list during evening commute. I have been using Microsoft todo list which is simple and quick to use and works across all devices flawlessly. (Yes flawlessly) . You can still choose to procrastinate but at least the most important things are easy to remember.

William is a researcher from Newyork with over decade of  experience in research and development of different health products.  When he’s not working , he digs deep into world of technology and health science  and explains what he learned on the blog.

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