Homemade Scrub for Silky Smooth Hands

How to Get Soft Hands in Less Than a Minute

How to Get Soft Hands in Less Than a Minute

Does your hand feel rough, dry, or a bit overworked? If you want a quick and simple fix to get soft hands and nothing seems to work for you, you can scrub your hands using sugar and olive oil.

Olive oil and sugar are the ingredients you need to enjoy silky smooth hands. The good thing is that these two ingredients can be found in your kitchen pantry.


Sugar – Exfoliates dead and rough cells.
Olive oil – Moisturizes and hydrates skin cells.

How To Make Homemade Scrub for Silky Smooth Hands:

Use The Following Materials:
3 Tbsps Olive oil
2 Tbsps Sugar

1. Combine the 2 ingredients in a bowl. You can adjust the amount of ingredients as you desire.
2. Stir well. Stirring will help coat a layer of oil on all sugar particles, though sugar will not dissolve in oil.
3. Take a spoonful from this mixture in your palm.
4. Spread it all over the hands by working in circular motions. This way, you will scrub off the dead skin of your hands. If you want to soften other parts, do the same to your arms and cuticles.
5. After you’re done with the procedure, rinse well.
6. Apply lotion of your choice to protect your skin.

In just a few minutes, you will be surprised to see that your skin is considerably softer, than was before using the scrub. That’s it folks. We hope you get soft hands soon.

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