How Skin Icing Works

How to Apply Skin Icing, Its Benefits and More

How to Apply Skin Icing, Its Benefits and More

Skin icing is one of the popular modern beauty rituals which contributes to better looking skin. It is easy to make and is very versatile. And the best thing is, it is common and can be found in your freezer!

Beauty experts have been using this therapy in skin care treatments and spas, due to its wide range of benefits. These benefits of ice cubes for your skin will make your skin healthier and making it easier to deal with some common skin issues.

Benefits of Skin Icing:

1. Exfoliate Your Skin

For a cheap facial, you can make milk ice cubes for your skin. The lactic acid present in milk will help scrub away dead cells and freshen it up.

Also, you can even add blueberries or pureed cucumber for that extra exfoliating power. It will give your skin a facelift.

2. Improves Circulation

Skin icing helps in improving blood circulation. Ice constricts the blood vessels, therefore less blood goes to the skin surface. This is good in cases of swelling or inflammation. The body responds to the cold treatment, then sends an increased flow of warm blood to the treated area.

3. Prevents Wrinkles

Wrinkles are inevitable as one age. But, you can delay the appearance of wrinkles by keeping your skin well-hydrated.

Ice cubes will give you a quick facial, keeping moisture locked in and tightening the skin .

4. Reduce Acne and Inflammation

One of the most popular uses of ice cubes is to shrink acne. Ice can calm swelling and redness, especially if you have cystic acne.

Also, ice can even relieve pain, the same way it numbs bruises. But, remember that pimples are sensitive and full of bacteria. Therefore, be careful when applying ice cubes on your face for acne.

Ice cubes are not only use for acne. Maybe you have a bad allergic reaction or your rosacea is flaring up, ice cubes will help bring down the inflammation.

5. Reduce Skin Oiliness

Oily skin is one of the most annoying skin issues, which leaves you wanting to wipe that oily sensation off your face.

But you need not worry, ice cubes just might be the thing you need. The ice cubes are said to help in reducing oil secretion in your skin, therefore leaving it fresh.

How to Apply Skin Icing on Your Face:

1. Cleanse your face thoroughly.
2. Wrap 1-2 ice cubes in a soft cloth or gauze.
3. When the ice starts to melt and dampen the cloth, apply it to your face.
4. Hold it on different areas of your face for 1-2 minutes.
5. Using circular movements, move the ice gently. Go up along the jaw line, chin, up the cheeks, and along the nose and forehead. Take extra care for the area underneath your eyes.
6. Finish with acne treatment, toner or moisturizer.


  • If you applied the ice without covering the ice cubes, make sure to use gloves because you will not be able to hold the ice for long, if you do it with bare hands.
  • If decide to use bare ice, do not apply it straight from the freezer, as this can break the capillaries under your skin.
  • Avoid using ice if you have broken capillaries and remember not to use it for too long.
  • Stop the treatment if you are feeling uncomfortable. The icing should not be applied for more than 15 minutes.
  • For best results, you can choose to add some green tea, chamomile tea, rosewater, cucumber, lemon and other skin-friendly ingredients to the ice cube water. This will depend on your skin type.

How Skin Icing Works:

According to The Healthy Home cold temperatures can help in improving circulation in your skin, therefore, when you ran in the cold this would temporarily constrict blood vessels, and there would be less blood flow to the skin, resulting in rduction of any inflammation present. As a result, your body sent more blood to the area as they normally would, that is why after cold runs your pores would contract allowing for that glowing complexion.

A popular but expensive form of ‘cold therapy’, known as liquid nitrogen freezes, is injected directly to affect specific nerves in the forehead and in between the brows. According to Facial specialist, Rani Mirza,

“This cold therapy puts ones nerves into temporary hibernation, therefore wrinkles disappear and muscles relax. The cold causes the blood vessels to contract and then dilate, thereby improving the oxygen and nutrient supply to the skin’s surface, making it appear more radiant”.

Skin icing achieves the same effect, but more safely and for zero cost if incorporated on a regular or daily basis.


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