Nutritional Benefits of Calamansi

Calamansi Juice: Its 5 Amazing Health Benefits and How to Make One

Calamansi Juice: Its 5 Amazing Health Benefits and How to Make One

Calamansi juice is made from the calamansi fruit, which is a sour variety of the citrus fruit known as golden lime. Calamansi belongs to the citrofortunella species, which is a hybrid between the Fortunella and citrus genus. It is a tropical lime that is native to Southeast Asia, particularly in the Philippines.

Calamsi is a sour fruit, rich in vitamin C, certain antioxidants, such as limonene, vitamin A, potassium, and calcium. Though calamansi juice is very sour, most people still drink it because of its various health benefits.

Health Benefits of Calamansi Juice:

1. Calamansi Juice to Boosts Collagen Production

Calamansi is also a popular skin care ingredient due to its many beauty benefits. For one, calamansi is loaded with vitamin C or ascorbic acid. Vitamin C, helps in increasing collagen production in the body.

This is why calamansi juice is taken as a beauty tonic. When applied topically, calamansi extract can even out the skin tone and refines your skin.

2. Calamansi Juice for Controlling Cholesterol Levels

Studies have reported that calamansi juice can help lower your cholesterol levels, which is an essential step towards weight loss and preventing metabolic syndrome. Also, it can help lower your risk of heart attack, atherosclerosis, and stroke.

3. Calamansi Juice for Weight Loss

Calamansi is known for its impact on weight loss, because of its ability to not only boost the metabolism, but in eliminating many of the toxins in the body, which can contribute to fat storage.

In increasing metabolic speed, calamansi juice can help in improving passive fat-burning throughout the day. While detoxifying the body will help all of your organ systems to funtion properly and more smoothly, therefore helping in calorie burning.

Also, in reducing fat storage, you will have less adipose fat formation and more usable energy. Most people drink a glass of calamansi juice every morning to help in stimulating the body and for weight-loss.

4. Calamansi Juice for Healthy Kidneys and Bowel Movement

Calamansi juice, when consume regularly, helps in keeping the kidneys healthy. Also, calamansi reduces foul urine odor and helps in lightening its color.

Drinking calamansi juice regularly helps in detoxifying the colon and purifying the organs . Also, it improves bowel movement and relieves constipation.

5. Calamansi Juice to Strengthen the Immune System

Calamansi contains good amount of vitamins and minerals, especially vitamin C, which is important in building immunity. Vitamin C provides immunity against bacterial and viral infections.

Drinking calamansi juice on a regular basis helps build your immunity against the fever, the common cold and flu.

Nutritional Benefits of Calamansi:

In addition, calamansi also contains nutrients needed by the body, such as:

Ascorbic acid – 0.1%
Citric acid 5.5%
Calcium – 8.4 mg
Calories – 12
Carbohydrate – 3%
Fiber – 2 grams
Minerals – 1%
Potassium – 37 mg
Vitamin A – 57.4 mg IU
Vitamin C – 7.3 g
Water – 15.5 g

Calamansi Juice Recipe:

10-14 Calamansi fruits
2 cups Water

1. Wash thoroughly all the limes.
2. Slice off the top of the limes, and avoid cutting the seeds.
3. Squeeze out the juice from the limes, using a strainer.
4. Add the water and honey.
5. Stir thoroughly.
6. Add more honey or water as needed to balance out the taste.
7. Refrigerate the juice and serve chilled.

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