Worst Foods for Your Skin

Know the 5 Worst Foods for Your Skin

Know the 5 Worst Foods for Your Skin

Some foods can ruin your skin. Keep these foods off your plate for a clear complexion.

You have all heard of it before, “You are What You Eat.” And when it comes to your skin, the quality of your appearance reflects the quality of your diet in many ways.

Here are the foods that were the 5 worst offenders for your skin:

5 Worst Foods for Your Skin:

1. Excess Sugar

Sugar can weaken your immune system, and when your immune systems are suppressed, your bodies are not as effective at fighting off bacteria, which is a leading cause of other inflammatory skin conditions and acne. Also, sugar can contribute to constipation in your bowels, which can lead to congestion in the skin.

It has been proven that excess sugar will negatively impact your skin. According to Livestrong, sugar in the body is acidic, therefore, creating issues in your digestive tract, which establishes a more hospitable environment for the proliferation of bad bacteria in your gut. This means: More bacteria, more toxins, worse skin.

2. Milk

Milk can do good for your body good, but your skin? Not so much. Most especially the skim variety. Milk can be full of growth factors and growth hormones that remain biologically active even after pasteurization.

Studies have shown that milk appear to make their way into your blood stream where can cause inflammation, affect insulin, and ramp up oil production. The result is breakout city.

You can choose organic milk, whic may be a good alternative, This is because organic milk contains only regularly-occurring hormones, instead of added ones that are found in non-organic options. Though be aware that more research is needed to know for certain whether organic milk will not negatively impact your skin skin.

3. High-Glycemic Foods

Starchy foods such as pastas, white breads, cakes, and even corn syrup, are best avoided for dewy skin. Foods that are known to be high glycemic can cause rapid spikes in your blood sugar.

An Australian study from 2007 reported that consuming a low-glycemic diet reduced acne in young men. However, more research are needed before we truly understand the relationship.

But, if glycemic index are proven to be associated to skin problems, and you find yourself breaking out after eating something such as French fries, it may be due to the starchy insides, rather than that greasy and golden exterior, according to YouBeauty.

4. Hydrogenated Foods and Fried Foods

When oil is at a very high heat, the fats and oils oxidize. You are then putting oxidized fats into your bodies. And you all know that oxidants are bad, while antioxidants are good.
Oils that sit and are used over and over again, like the one on your French fries are cooked in, are really bad, because these fats do not detox from the body. These can contribute to poor circulation of the blood, a weakened metabolic process and heart disease.

Since healthy skin requires healthy metabolism and healthy circulation, weak systems can lead to a lack of oxygen in the skin, therefore slowing the collagen and elastin syntheses, which are necessary for youthful radiance.

5. Salt

Are you feeling a little puffy around the eyes, after waking up? Too much salt can cause some to retain water, which can lead to swelling.

Because the skin around the eyes is so thin, the area swells easily. These effects of salt are age related and are more common in middle age.

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