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7 Healthy Snacks to Keep at Your Work Desk

Healthy eating during work hours is often not a priority due to the hectic schedules on a daily. But, it is important to remember that what you eat during the day does not just affect your weight and health, it also impacts your energy levels and productivity as well.

But, being snack-less is not an option, with these healthy foods that you can keep in your desk drawer for those midday, early-day, or late-afternoon snacks, when you need an instant energy boost.

7 Energy-Boosting Snacks to Keep at Your Desk:

1. Crackers

Hearty, fiber-rich crackers can be topped with nut butter or — if you have access to a refrigerator — more perishable ingredients like cheese for a stand-alone lunch or accompaniment to soup.

2. Dark Chocolate

There’s nothing wrong with treating yourself at snack time with high-quality squares of dark chocolate.

“Cacao is great source of magnesium, which is a natural stress-reliever,” according to Brittany Kohn, M.S., R.D. “Pair with nuts, peanut butter, or Greek yogurt for a protein-filled, satisfying snack.” Also, she suggested to choose a chocolate with 70% cacao or higher.

3. Greek Yogurt

Just 15 grams of protein will chase your hunger pains and hold you over until dinner, and the sweet and savory flavors of Greek Yogurt are enough to get your mind off of the office candy bowl.

You can try adding a sprinkle of cinnamon to 6-ounces of Greek yogurt for a new burst of flavor.

4. Nut Butter or Peanut Butter

The healthy whole food peanut butter, nut butter or almond butter contains healthy protein and fats to conquer your hunger cravings.

You can spread it on crackers, dip apple slices in it, or even consume it by the spoonful for that no-fuss, filling meal.

5. Raw Nuts

Choose raw nuts such as cashews or almonds. These nuts deliver a great fat and protein combo.

6. Seeds

Seeds are a great source of protein, plus they are so easy to store, and not messy. You can try sunflower seeds or pumpkin seeds.

7. Whole Fruit

Apples, bananas, and pears are equally good on their own, or you can top it up by nut butters.

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