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7 Shopping Mistakes That are Costing You Money

You have been shopping in the supermarket for years, but are you doing it right?

There are so many costly mistakes that can be made in the supermarket, which will increase your bill. Worst of all, the supermarkets know exactly how to get you to buy, and spend more, and will do almost anything to make it happen.

Let’s put a stop to that! Here are the 7 Common Shopping Mistakes You should avoid, to help you get clued up with the supermarket’s sneaky strategies, and start saving money today!

1. Ignoring Discounts

Stores often offer special deals or discounts at certain times of the week or month. Do not ignore them.

These deals are worth the hassle and time. You can stock up on some staples, and save money on the process. Pay attention to flyers and ads to find deals at your local stores.

2. Forgetting Your Shopping List

Not making a shopping list can cause you to buy things that you do not need, and therefore, make you forget the things you do. This can interfere with your meal plans, and cause you to make several trips to the store, which leads to buying more than needed.

3. Not Applying for Rewards Card

Rewards cards might seem like a bit of a scam, but you will saved loads using them over the years, and would definitely recommend trying them.

Supermarket loyalty cards will usually allow you to collect points, and these points equate to money off your shops, get you free perks such as tea, coffee or magazines, and give you access to exclusive offers.

Get cards for wherever you shop regularly, then start getting rewarded every time you shop.

4. Not Checking Prices

Are you one of those people who fly through the store, without checking prices? You might feel like this is a faster way to finish your shopping quickly.

This may be true, but, you are probably spending more money. It is really worth it to spend a few extra seconds, comparing prices to save money.

5. You Do Not Look at the Price Per Kilo

When you are buying fresh produce, a good indicator for value for money is the price per kilo on the shelf label.

Do not always assume that a loose produce is the best option, sometimes packaged vegetables and fruits will be cheaper. Get into the habit of comparing loose versus packaged, and also different packaging sizes to make sure you get the best deal every time you shop.

6. You Choose Brand Names

The name brand products always look the best, but, are they really? For known brand names, you are paying for that nice packaging and not what’s inside it.

Did you know that off-brand products are just as good? Plus, these products almost always cost less.

You can at least try the generic, before committing to only buying a name brand item.

7. You are Buying Out of Season

We have all grown used to getting whatever produce we want, and whenever we want it, but, the truth of the matter is that vegetables and fruits are seasonal, and should not be available all year round.

Different vegetables, fruits, and even varieties are less-available during certain times of the year. The shortage of supply, when pitted against the high demand hikes up the price, and means you’ll be paying more in the shop.

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