ginger tea for sore throat

How to Make Ginger Tea for Sore Throat

Are you suffering from sore throat, and looking for some effective natural home remedies? Therefore, it’s time to bring ginger to your rescue.

Ginger contains many health benefits, and are effective in providing you immense relief for sore throat. Also, you can combine it with other natural ingredients, including honey and cinnamon for more relief.

Ginger Tea Recipe:

Sipping hot ginger tea is a popular, but, effective sore throat home remedy. The warm liquid is known to soothe an inflamed throat, and the tea is a simple way to consume ginger, then allow it to come into contact with your throat.

How to Make?:
1.Add water into a bowl.
2. Allow it to boil.
3. Add ginger.
4. Allow it to steep for about 7-8 minutes.
5. Add licorice and cinnamon sticks in the mixture, then let it stay for another 2-3 minutes.
6. Once done, strain and pour the mixture in a cup, then add 1 teaspoon honey in the tea.

Honey can help to soothe your throat.

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