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Glitter Butts are the New Summer Fashion Trend You Have to Try!

Glitter Butts are the New Summer Fashion Trend You Have to Try!

Can’t find the right outfit to wear on your next festival? Then, we have the solution for you!

Meet glitter butts, the NEW Summer beauty fashion or (Asshion?), trend about to take over your Instagram feeds.

You are probably already familiar with the concept of glitter boobs, as it was the hot trend of 2017’s festival season, but this 2018, glitter is migrating downwards, wrapping itself around your backside to form 2018’s newest look; which is the Glitter butts.

You can check out this look on UK glitter brand, Go Get Glitter’s Instagram page.

Fashionable, right? The brand also rolled out a few specialty designs, with the use of thick layers of glitter, studs, giant rhinestones, and crystals to create the illusion of underwear. And then, they recorded the look in slow-mo.

According to Sophia Levy, makeup artist and co-founder of Go Get Glitter, as told in MarieClaire —

“We are all about being free, creative, and loving the skin you are in, which is the message we wanted to portray, when we created this look”.

So, who knows, maybe jewel underwear will be the next fashion trend? We are hoping you do not need to sweat or sit, while wearing this fashion trend, though.

Go Get Glitter

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